About me

In 2001, at the early age of fourteen, I began apprenticing in the Moses Wilder Blacksmith Shop at Old Sturbridge Village, where I learned from talented Master Blacksmiths such as Rob Lyon and Tim Dauphinais. I apprenticed there studying historic ironwork and achieving journeyman status at age 21, as was done 200 years ago. As a result of my training, the style of blacksmithing I practice is about as traditional as it gets and includes reproduction hardware, tools and weapons from early America. This not only means making the items, but doing it with the same materials, tools, and processes used in the time period in which they were made originally. The process of figuring out how the items were made centuries ago is often the most exciting challenge of my work. I consider the past generations of smiths to be my main motivation to continue to push myself to achieve the same levels of workmanship that led them to create some of the most amazing pieces of ironwork ever wrought.

Founding Resurrection Iron Works in 2011, I now forge traditional wrought iron pieces for the public, as well as museums and other institutions. Examples of my work can be found at Old Sturbridge Village, Coggeshall Farm Museum, The USS Constitution Museum, Fort Ticonderoga, and Genesee Country Village & Museum. All items are completely forged, filed and fitted by hand in order to achieve the highest quality reproductions possible.

Derek Heidemann